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About Fetching Behaviour.A scientific approach.

Fetching Behaviour is a professional dog training service that values the human dog relationship and uses positive reinforcement training. The psychological principles of operant and classical conditioning are skillfully taught and applied to facilitate effective communication between you and your dog. Positive reinforcement training builds the bond between you and your dog and has been scientifically proven to be the most efficacious training method for sustained long term results.

The power of positive. A better way to teach.

Positive reinforcing training is built on mutual trust and friendship. Effective learning can only take place when people and animals alike are in a fear-free and supportive environment. Positive reinforcement training will teach your dog to WANT to cooperate with you. Training will become fun for both you and your dog and not a source of frustration. You will learn how to set your dog up for success and to communicate effectively with each other.

Vision for the future. Help us get there.

Fetching Behaviour strives to promote a harmonious relationship between you and your dog that is built on mutual trust and friendship. We also aim to spread the message of positive reinforcement training and to dispel the outdated and incorrect ‘pack leader’ myth that we need to dominate our dogs.

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