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We provide highly trained animal actors for advertisements, film, television, and documentaries. We can help you get the perfect shot.

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Cassie’s talented Border Collie Scout is the lead actor in this funny and heart-warming tale about a dog who tries to sabotage him mum’s new date.

45 secs

A short documentary on Dingoes, presented by Cassie, where you can learn about our amazing apex predator and the importance role they play in our eco system.

7 mins

Up and coming star Claude features in this Tennis Australia advertisement. Claude has excelled in his training and is proving to be born for the spot light.

15 secs

Scout and Cassie are teaming up in this advertisement for the Victorian Government’s This Girl Can campaign.

15 secs

Claude stars in the Englehart catalogue and did an amazing job for both his film and catalogue shots.