Trick Training

If you want to do more with your dog and have fun along the way then this in home training session is for you!

Here you will get an understanding of how dogs learn and to correctly use clicker training. You will get an understanding of the theory of reinforcement and get a chance to practice it in your trick training session. Trick training is a great way to have fun and bond with your dog. Teaching your dog tricks also helps increase your dog’s confidence and focus as well as promoting teamwork and communication.

A little more information

In home trick training is for beginners to advanced dog and handler teams and it is tailored to what you would like to learn. However, dogs will need to be able to sit, drop, stand and stay on cue reliably and for duration to participate in this lesson.

Tricks you might like to learn; beg, bow, high five, bark/speak, role over, jump through arms, leg weaves, back stalls, limping, hand stands the list goes on!


  • Trick survey
  • One 45 minute in home trick training session
  • Feedback and online support for uploaded trick video's to the Fetching Behaviour Facebook page

Your only limitation is your imagination!